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Frequently Asked Questions

What is meant by “At Need” and “Pre-Need”?

At Need is when the plot is purchased for immediate use. Pre-Need is when one invests for future use. Pre-Need is approximately 50% cheaper than At Need prices.

What is the Perpetual Fund for?

The perpetual fund is set up specifically for the maintenance of the memorial park. A one off amount is collected when a lot is purchased as a contribution to the perpetual fund. No monthly or annual maintenance dues will be collected.

What is the size of an individual plot? Of a Mausoleum?

The average size of a lawn lot is 1 x 2.44 square meters. An average mausoleum lot measures 4 x 5 square meters.

Are there classifications of plots?

The lawn lots are classified into Premium, Superior and De Luxe. Premium lots are beside main roads or pathways. Superior lots are are one or two plots away from main roads and pathways. De Luxe lots are located in the middle of a block.

How many remains can be accommodated in a plot?

A plot is designed for two full interments. For bone transfers, a bone vault can accommodate one or two sets of remains while the full vault can accommodate two or three sets of remains.

What are Bone Crypts?

Bone crypts are designed for use of individual remains. A bone crypt measures 60 cm x 30 cm.

What are your payment plans?

We sell on cash or installment basis. Our installment plans have terms from 1 to 5 years for easy payments to suit your budget.

Can we use the plot if it is not yet fully paid?

A plot can be used only when it is fully paid. If you need to use the plot while still paying instalments, then the balance has to be paid in full before the plot can be used.

Are there property taxes to pay?

Property taxes are imposed by the local government and collected by the Office of the Municipal Assessor. Should any taxes be imposed then it will be shared pro rata depending on the number and size of your plot.

What is the interment fee for?

The interment fee is paid when burial services are required. The interment fee includes digging services, cement vault and cover, granite marker and use of tents and chairs.

Does the cost of a Mausoleum lot include the building? Is there a guarantee on the building?

The cost is for the lot only. The building is charged separately. The building is guaranteed for one year for structural defects.

What is the capacity of a mausoleum?

A mausoleum on a typical 4 x 5 sqm lot can accommodate up to eight (8) full remains (6 below ground and 2 above ground niches) and four (4) bone crypts.

Is it true you have to return the plot after 10 years?

No, that is a complete lie. The plot you buy is yours. We started selling plots in April 2007 and no one has involuntarily returned any plot that was bought.

Is it true that the plot owners have to pay P1,000 “buwis” yearly?

No, that is another lie. Under current government regulations, we do not collect any other payments once the plot is transferred to new owners, except for interment purposes.